Senior Choir



This is the most advanced choir in DJC and is for high school students (S1 – S6) 

Members of the Senior Choir continue their development of vocal skills, musicianship and musical literacy skills through the rehearsal and performance of more challenging two and three-part songs. The young people are introduced to a diverse range of repertoire and learn songs in at least two different languages each season. The importance of capturing the style of the music as well as demonstrating an understanding of the text becomes a focus for this group as they communicate with their audiences.  


As well as singing in DJC concerts, the Senior Choir regularly sings in Dunfermline Choral Union’s Christmas Concert. This choir has also had opportunities to travel, having twice participated in a Festival in London which culminated in a concert in the Royal Festival Hall. They have travelled to Maynooth in Ireland to join other choirs in a Choral Music Experience Institute event, working with choral conductors from many different countries.  

Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.